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 My work is deeply inspired by nature. I intend to capture the natural rhythm and abundance that comes with the change of seasons in all of my creative endeavors.    

Nestled in the hills, surrounded by woods, water and the lush green pastures of the Finger Lakes Region in New York State, I am fortunate to live within a beautiful landscape and experience four distinct seasons, all of which influences my work.  

Creating is part of my  lineage. A family of carpenters, quilters, tailors, knitting and crafting enthusiasts brought me into "making" at an early age. Handmade was a necessity growing up - we sewed our own clothing and home decor,  grew our own food, built our own home and furniture, and  used our imaginations and the outdoors to create ways to pass the time.  

Today, handmade is a passion and a desire. I believe in the beauty of handmade and surrounding oneself with beautiful things that have been created with someone's "imprint".  

I am a self-taught pattern designer. Once I started, I was "bitten" by the bug and haven't looked back. I have also been a potter for more than 20 years. And now, I'm proud to say I'm combining two things I am most passionate about. My surface designs are making their way into my clay, which I am so excited about!  

 One might say I have a "slight obsession" with textures and patterns in nature, many of which end up in my surface design work. I spend much of my time outdoors and my camera and sketchbook are essential "gear." While I love creating home decor, I also hope to bring my patterns to life in some fabric collections, as I've been quilting and sewing from a young age.   

My friends refer to me as the "renaissance" woman. I create something every day and get excited to inspire others to create.


I believe creativity is a critical piece of living a life fully engaged.  

My favorite quote - "what will you do with this one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

 "handmade" is one of my favorite words.  

I am a four-season outdoor enthusiast.  And yes, I LOVE the snow!  The more, the better. 

I embrace change and I like variety.   Good thing about that is I get to change my home decor a lot!