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HELLO 2017!


diane sullivan

100 days of pattern challenge is complete!  It was a fun exercise in patience, persistence, and play.  I used the challenge as an exercise in having no agenda and allowing myself to play and learn new things for 100 consecutive days, both of which I loved doing.  The last two months have also been a lot of Surtex prep, most of which is coming to a close because I have been working diligently at being on top of my game and checking things off the list.  

The plan is for a few days of rest and refueling, and setting new intentions.  I have some new ideas in store for where I would like to devote my energy in the coming months.  I'm super excited about adding an INSPIRATION page to my site, which will be all about my process, which I like to call "the unfolding" - how and where I gather inspiration, how I take an idea and turn it into a pattern or illustration.  Every pattern has a story.  And I can't wait to share that with you.  

I will also be back in my clay studio and taking some of my pattern ideas and bringing them to life on my clay forms.  Can you say - LOVE!!!  I can not wait to marry two things I am most passionate about together to create beautiful pieces of art.    

As always, I will be sharing on Instagram and would love your feedback about what you'd like to see more of!  Until then, I'm off for some gardening and refueling my creative soul.