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HELLO 2017!


diane sullivan

11 days to go to finish my 100 day daily pattern challenge.  When I began this challenge, I kept in mind my word for this year "EXPAND" - ways to stretch, learn, grow and become more in tune with all things pattern and color, as well as myself as an creative.  To pay attention to the unfolding within that happens as we explore and experiment.    From the beginning, my goal was to share not only the patterns I love, but the clumsiness in learning new techniques, the truth of what it means to post a pattern even on those days when I'm least inspired or having trouble fining love for the piece I've just put together.  The intention was to just sit and make, no matter what.  To just keep making.  Because art, as in life, requires us to sit with the messy stuff, as well as the good stuff, and we only appreciate the good stuff by having the experience of sitting with the messy stuff.  It's what makes us grow.  And I believe there is value in giving voice to even the awkward, messy, uncomfortable "stuff."  So, onward to the last 11 days of this challenge.  And then I will begin a new series of weekly challenges which I am so excited for.