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HELLO 2017!


diane sullivan

When I began this 100 day challenge, I had no idea what to expect. Open to possibilities, with a wish to explore and no desired outcome other than to have fun, has been such a blast!  I'm working with colors I am not normally drawn to, doing more hand sketches of motifs that in the beginning I can't imagine turning into something useful in a pattern, and as always, am pleasantly surprised in the end with what comes forth.  

Hard to believe I am into day 42 already!!! Time flies. That's almost halfway there.  And I can already say I think I'll be sad when it's over.  This has been a great way to challenge myself, so of course I'm already thinking of the next great challenge.  

And SURTEX!!  Surtex is just around the corner!! Busy working on tear sheets, business cards, banners, and all things Surtex is making this all so real. As a newbie to this venue, I'm anxious and excited all at once!  

 Oh, and as if all of this isn't enough, I'm still taking classes. I just finished the Make it In Design Winter School, which was so fun and pushed me to think of new ways to work. I'm on a mission to tackle Photoshop this year. Yes, Photoshop, you are going down with me. I'm on a mission to figure out the depths of your soul and how to create beauty with my photography and turn it into surface designs that will knock people's socks off! I'm currently taking the portfolio building class with Rise Design & Shine, which is packed with goodness and so much talent!! I'm working on my first round of Valentine's Day cards, which is a stretch for me, but one that I'm enjoying.

So life is busy as usual, but there is always something new going on, and ways I am bending and stretching that make me grow as a surface designer. I am among some amazing artists in this work and feel at home for the first time in many years!