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HELLO 2017!


diane sullivan

I have been sewing since I was 7 years old. My mother was a seamstress and my paternal grandmother was a quilter. I started with clothing. Sewing and demonstrating my wares at the state fair every year. I began quilting in my late teens and have been doing so every since. It would be safe to say that fabric is an addiction of mine. I have always sewn my own home decor products - accessory pillows, curtains, bedding, etc.

When my friend, Lizzie, from Lizzie Clark Designs, asked for help in showcasing her latest collection, Alexandria, it was without question! The colors are vibrant and work so well together. The patterns are just plain fun. I can’t pick a favorite! They are all so lovely.

Accessory pillows are such a great way to add “pop” to any room. And these are no exception. But of course, as someone who loves the outdoors, I imagined them being used in the outdoors as well. How fun would these be use star gazing under the night sky, or having a quiet afternoon reading your favorite book under one of your favorite trees?

I used Amy Butler’s honey bun pouf pattern. This pattern would look great with just one fabric, or several. I chose several because I couldn’t pick just one!!

So grateful to have been asked to showcase these beauties. I can’t wait to sew some clothing pieces with a couple of them. They just say summer! Thanks Lizzie!

Check out this and more with Sweet Bee Fabrics.



diane sullivan

August always feels like transition time.  The slow and subtle change in temperature, earthy smells, bird sounds and the bold colors becoming more muted before everything goes to sleep for the winter.  It's my favorite season.  I love the idea of everything slowing down and beginning to move inward for reflection and rejuvenation.  

Summer has been a wild and crazy ride this year with lots of family health issues and house projects galore!  Sometimes life just has a way with forcing us to switch gears when we are not ready or not looking.  And so I am ready for Fall.  Harvesting the last of the garden, hot apple cider, pumpkin pie, the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg and frolicking in the crunchy leaves full of color!  

Keep an eye out for a refreshed and new look to my website in the next few months, that inspiration page that I keep talking about WILL happen, and some new ideas for the new year!!  



diane sullivan

Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin' 

I love storytelling.  I love thinking about people's stories and how they influence who they are, how they work, what unique and wonderful things they bring to the world, especially in the creative realm.  

 It's that time of year when I do a re-assessment of where I am with my personal and professional goals, where I want to be going, what else I'd like to examine, and where I would like to grow in my journey as a creative.  And this year, I am asking myself, that very question.  "Who am I", "what's my story?" and how does it influence my work as a creative?  

I am one of 6 children, born to a carpenter and a seamstress, both with very strong work ethic and the craft of creating objects of beauty for others.  My mother sewed most of our clothing, wedding gowns for friends and family, and was a huge influence in my desire to learn to sew for myself.    It was 4H that gave me the confidence to show some of my first pieces, and I won my first blue ribbon for a plaid apron and matching potholders at the State Fair.   That was the beginning of my love affair with sewing and cloth.  I began making most of my own clothing and wore it proudly. 

My grandmother hand sewed quilts for from old clothing scraps.  Her quilts were embellishments in our home,  cherished for the history they held,  but not to be used.  At age 20, I took my first quilting class with Eugenia (Genie) Barnes, who lived a few towns away, before she became well known in quilting industry.  Again, another love affair began and grew into a full blown relationship.  My own quilt collection and my fabric stash grew quickly.  Sewing and creating with fabric have been a constant.  Clothing, home decor projects, and quilting, all part of my story. 

Fast forward to more recent years.  I have been working as a clinical social worker and spending my days hearing other's stories and the influences they have in people's  personal and professional lives.  It is fascinating work.  But the desire to create has become a bigger voice and I have been making more time and space for this and reducing my time working as a social worker. 

My entry into surface pattern design felt, at the time, like a simple curiosity.  How to take a simple photograph and get it on a piece of fabric to make a pattern and then create a piece of clothing, or some home decor product that I could own and admire in my own home. 

 You see, I am a very curious creature.  I grew up in a rural area, and spent most of my free time in the outdoors, exploring, making adventures out of simple tasks, creating my own fun with anything and everything I had available.  Daisy headbands, tree forts, bark boats, skipping stones in the pond, catching fireflies, and pondering the wonders of nature and how things worked.  Curious questions.  And the search for answers.  I had this desire to put a photograph on fabric as a repeat pattern, but I had no idea that it truly could be done.   I had no idea clue about the world of surface pattern design. 

When I created my first repeat pattern, I immediately knew I had found something that felt like home.  It suddenly felt a little bit like getting back to my roots.  Designing and creating a piece of  artwork that would embellish many types of surfaces made my heart sing. 

Most of my surface designs have a story.  I am deeply influenced by nature and the changing seasons.  I am still very much a curious creature, enjoy a challenge and love an adventure,  and weave all of that into everything I do. 

This pattern is called "Gone Fishin'.  It was designed for a Father's Day tie contest, and was influenced by my father's love of fishing and his strong desire to share that with me as a child.  It was one of my early patterns and I still love it. 

Looking ahead, I will be working on some new fabric collections, and continuing to build my home decor portfolio.  Hoping to have a web site overhaul soon!!  

You can still find me running barefoot in tall grasses and getting my hands dirty in the garden, wearing daisy headbands and asking curious questions.