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Hello!  I'm Diane Sullivan, surface pattern designer, potter and photographer. 

Curious, adventurous and tenacious are words best used to describe me.  Growing up in a rural community with little access to things provided a playground for my imagination and creativity. I spent much of my childhood barefoot in the fields, combing the woods for treasures., climbing trees to sit with the birds, and finding nature as both  my place of peace and serenity and my creative tool.  Nature has always been and continues to be my biggest inspiration for my work. 

Currently I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York State with my partner and my dog, Izze, who is my side-kick in most adventures.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by a lush landscape of hills and water, beautiful countryside and an active art community. 

Trained as a clinical social worker, I have been weaving creativity into my work for many years. I see it as a vital part of our connection to the world.  I also believe in the healing power of creativity. But throughout the years, it has become more clear to me that I was not making enough time for my own creative work.  I've been making pottery and doing photography for many years as a hobby, and only recently decided to make my pottery a business adventure.  And then.....pattern making happened.

With no prior drawing experience beyond simple lines and shapes, and zero experience with digital programs, I decided to follow my curiosity and took a class with Pattern Camp and the rest is history!  All of my creative interests and longings have come together in one place!

My love for all things handmade and the desire to have my work in the hands and homes of others is currently being realized.